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Deleeuw Flowerbulb Group B.V. is currently runned by two brothers named Rob and Hans Oudshoorn. It has always been a family company. The great-grandfather of the two brothers, mister Klaas Oudshoorn, was working as a grower of flowerbulbs in another company from 1900 till he past away in 1936. His knowledge was passed on to his son, Leen Oudshoorn, who started growing flowerbulbs since 1949. Twenty years later Leen started a company together with three other men. Among these men was his own son Klaas Oudshoorn and a close friend Floor Barnhoorn.

These companies were named Harry Deleeuw Company. One was located in the Netherlands and one in South africa. In 1986 the founders decided to separate the companies and the south african office was renamed to HADECO. The family Barnhoorn continued HADECO and has currently two brothers, Charles and Stuart, running the company.

Klaas Oudshoorn became the full owner of Harry Deleeuw Company in the netherlands. Business went well and other companies were taken over (Delta in 1975, K&M in 1996, Kapiteijn & Zonen in 1996, Broersen export in 2000 and Nieuwenhuis in 2004). This new group of companies was put under one name: Deleeuw Flowerbulb Group B.V.


Trust in bulb quality

We believe that in handling flower bulbs, trust and reliability together with top quality is of foremost importance to our customers and business partners. These aspects have the undivided attention of our whole staff, both with regard to quality control, product support and advice.



Deleeuw Flowerbulb Group carries a complete selection of flower bulbs and several other horticultural products. Our assortment includes a number of exclusive varieties, like the famous Hadeco South Africa-grown Amaryllis. On account of the origin of the company we have always had strong ties with this market. Furthermore, our large selection of Lilium bulbs is also highly regarded, as it includes a number of exclusive, new varieties with unique product properties.


Selection process

We only select flower bulbs from the very best growers on the basis of knowledge and practical experience of three generations of bulb-men. An internal quality control system contributes to the fact, that ultimately, only the best quality is found suitable for export. We store and prepare the flower bulbs ourselves, before shipment to professional growers or dealers all over the world.


Bulb-preparation and storage

Our warehouse offers advance storage and preparation facilities in order to deliver our products in an optimal condition. Computer-guided cold storage cells with a combined volume of about 15.000 m3 guarantee perfect control of temperature, humidity and ventilation during the storage process. The bulbs are packed in all types of packages, according to the wishes of the customer.


Export is Transport

Deleeuw Flowerbulb Group works in close cooperation with a number of experienced international carriers. Depending on the destination, the best handling and climate conditions are selected to transport the flower bulbs to our customers. Temperature and humidity controlled shipping containers and specialized air transport ensure that our products arrive in a perfect condition, anywhere in the world.



Business is communication. The best business agreements are made when supplier and customer fully understand each other. In all our business contacts we attach great importance to good communications. For that reason, we have over the past decades built up a worldwide network of local agents or partners in most flower-growing areas. Together with the sales department in Sassenheim they are most willing to provide you with detailed information about our products.


We shipped all over the world